What exactly is a HYFI???? (Pronounced HI - FEE)

That nickname started when I was a teen and another friend and my sisters were at a local park. She was being silly about something and I said "you are such a fifi" and she said "well you are a hyfi!" and the name stuck. There is a group of us who,25 years later who still address each other as hyfi. It's just a fun silly name. And the people who are hyfi's are fun silly people.

My GIVEN name is Lisa and I have been enjoying machine embroidery since 2003. What started out as a cute little hobby that I had no clue what to start out making has turned into a complete addiction.  I have always enjoyed crafting. In fact I make about 85% of the Christmas presents I give. I crochet, paint, sew, cross stitch, general crafting along with machine embroidery. I did start out doing free motion machine embroidery just by ironing on a design to a towel or pillow case. And I thought it looked really great! But then my mom got this big fancy embroidery machine and quickly put my work to shame. LOL! So I stopped doing that pretty quickly. Once I got my own machine (a gift from my mom and dad) I never turned back. I am in full blown obsession.

If you are a member of Artisticthreadworks, you can see alot of the things I have made by going into the photo gallery and doing a search with hyfibutt as the author. I have not digitized those projects, those are just some of the things I have done in the past few years.

I hope you enjoy my designs.

Feel free to contact me 
if you have any questions or requests for designs you would like to see added to the site.

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