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Reply JoshuaGes
6:38 AM on November 22, 2017 
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Reply Rosy1906
12:31 PM on August 1, 2017 
great site, have applied to your Yahoo Group also
Reply Katforever18
6:22 AM on February 27, 2016 
Thank you so much all of the free designs you have given to us/me. I love your designs & I know I'll enjoy the designs I have bought also! I really enjoy the way you have your site set up, it was so much fun looking through your home, yard & neighborhood! Lol Thanks again, Katforever18 :D
Reply Sharon
3:37 PM on February 11, 2016 
Thank you for the freebies I downloaded. You have a wonderful embroidery site. It was great fun exploring.
Reply Sharon
6:36 PM on February 5, 2016 
I like your site. Keep up the great work. I am an obsessed machine embroiderer also for probably over 40 years now.
Reply Patte
4:24 PM on January 29, 2016 
I love your designs, I will post projects soon where I used your designs. Prayers...
Reply Elizabeth
6:40 AM on September 1, 2014 
Very different and great designs
Reply hyfis-house
7:16 PM on August 25, 2014 
Hi Nancy,
Due to circumstances beyond my control I took a break from digitizing for about a year. I have just recently started digitizing again, and will be posting updates once more. Thanks for sticking with me for the past year even though I have not done anything. Hopefully you will look forward to coming back to Hyfi's House.
Nancy says...
I visit your website off and you ever add new items?!? Other sites have new designs that drive me to always go back and buy....been watching your site for over 1 year....still nothing new.....very disappointing!!!
Reply Nancy
3:58 PM on August 25, 2014 
I visit your website off and you ever add new items?!? Other sites have new designs that drive me to always go back and buy....been watching your site for over 1 year....still nothing new.....very disappointing!!!
Reply SandyFerdinand
12:41 PM on December 11, 2011 
I have been collecting your Pug of the months all Year!! Now I have them all!! They are really cute. I have a Golden Retriever- she's my best friend. Maybe next year you can do Goldens??!!!?? I really appreciate your designs you give away for free. I'm able to use them for friends & family (and myself). I'm on disability with a fixed income, so these designs are really appreciated. Thank You , Sandy Ferdinand-(can't wait to see what you have in store for us nest year)
Reply hyezu
3:49 AM on October 10, 2011 
I'm waiting for my ordered files...12 annies....
they look so cute..and hard to wait....:)
Reply Grace
12:41 PM on August 27, 2011 
Thanks for the nice coffee time designs. Blessings to you for your generosity!
Reply Ruth Exner
10:11 PM on August 18, 2011 
hey i see my shirt at the zoo. i'm glad we are FB friend cuz i will visit more often. hyfi hugs :o)
Reply Sharon Irving
11:35 PM on January 8, 2011 
Love the designs. Can't wait to get started.
Reply Michele Parks
3:11 PM on November 30, 2010 
I'm trying to find out how to become a member of your site. I am awaiting confirmation to join your yahoo group.
Reply Rae Miles
9:49 PM on November 15, 2010 
I love your designs you are very generous with your free designs Thank You
Reply Deb
9:16 PM on September 30, 2010 
Thanks for your generosity and all the great designs. I love the breast cancer designs. I saw several that I need to put on my wishlist to go back to purchase when I get to those projects.
With Regards
Reply Peggy
11:23 AM on September 10, 2010 
I just visited the Road Trip category. It took me back to when I was young. We lived in S. CA, but both my parents were from Quincy, IL. So summer vacations for us was driving Route 66 from CA to IL and back. I loved it and we usually ate at the small mom & pop cafes. It was loads of fun traveling accross country...Thanks for the memories
Reply Kay C. Jowers
11:26 AM on July 24, 2010 
Enjoyed your site.
Reply Judy Jeck
9:29 PM on July 1, 2010 
I absolutely LOVE the Annies. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous talent.
Reply Trudy Corriveau
12:57 PM on July 1, 2010 
Hello Lisa, Thank you so much for the cute July-Annie. I also downloaded your Coffee freebie today. Yes I am an ATW member and that's how I found you. Great site to be sure! I love it when we can leave a comment and read other's as well. I'm still quite new to machine embroidery and still have to learn a lot. You'll be hearing from me and visiting your site again soon. Thanks again....!!!
Reply Sandra
6:29 AM on July 1, 2010 
Thank you for the Annies of the Month, the new Cosmic Set, and the Crows you have so generously offered. You're the best Lisa! Thanks again!
Reply Shirley Opalka
6:15 PM on June 20, 2010 
Well I don't mind helping Nina out with her wishes. I have enjoyed watching her grow-up on ATW . Watching her taking care of her chickens and such until today! ! Lisa you are helping her realize that hard work is needed to earning a dollar. Good Luck to Nina'a adventure.
Reply Kathy
12:45 PM on June 19, 2010 
Awesome website!
Reply Candy Berg
7:49 PM on May 4, 2010 
Your designs make me smile. They are so bright and cheery. thank you for all the nice gifts you have given us. Candy
Reply Cathie Jones
2:37 AM on May 2, 2010 
Thank you for all your beautiful designs. I love Annie of the month. I embroidered Annie of April in a oval shape with a little ruban and hanged it in my easter deco.
Cathie Jones
Reply Roz
7:57 AM on April 30, 2010 
Love and prayers for you and your sister. Roz
Reply Gail
12:57 PM on April 29, 2010 
I hope your sister's surgery goes well tomorrow. Thank you for all of the fabulous designs!
Reply janice shipp
8:31 AM on April 8, 2010 
I am praying for your sister, hope all goes well. God is good. Thank you for the samples, can't wait to stitch them out. Love the prims the best. :o) Janice
Reply Penny
11:18 AM on March 9, 2010 
I am so sorry to hear about your family dealing with cancer. I am a first time Relay for Life member and I want you to know that I will use your beautiful cancer designs to help raise funds for this ugly disease and will give my team member survivors a gift from your designs. My prayers for your sister..