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All card designs can be stitched on cardstock OR fabric. They are so easy and quick. You can build up your personal greeting card stash in no time at all!

Add a little whimsy to the cards and glue googly eyes over the stitched out eyes. Add buttons, ribbon and stickers to dress up a card. The possibilities are endless.

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Country Borders NOW ONLY $3.50 for the set of six.

This is for the 5 x 7 frame. Each border is 5 inches in length.

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Country Corners NOW ONLY $3.50 for the set of 8

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Artwork by Whimsy Primsy purchased from

Free Country Corner

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Art Deco Embelishments $3.50

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Native Artwork $5.00

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I love to cross stitch.

Cross stitch on the embroidery machine and you will never go back to doing it the old fashioned way!


These cross stitch designs are simple yet elegant. 

They measure at their largest point just about 4 inches. I do not recommend reducing them, as you will not get the proper effect that the cross stitch gives.

Put them on a pillow case, or frame them for some elegant artwork.

They would look great on a pillow in the den.


These are samples of the actual stitchouts.

Cross Stitch Deco Ornaments  ONLY $3. 50

artwork from www.clipartopolis.com

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