Time to Slop the Pigs


Hang out with this cute pup while he 

does a little fishing.

This can be stitched on cardstock or fabric. 

Make a card!

Fishing Puppy - LLBAB38  $1.00

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Swirly Kitties  $2.50

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artwork from clipartopolis.com


Prim Farm Animals  $3.75

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artwork from Heartland Graphics purchased through scrappindoodles.com


This set of 4 designs has an applique square around each design.  

If you do not want to do an applique, you can just skip that part. 

Each design fills a 4 x 4 area which is perfect for quilt squares or an applique on a towel.

Fall Applique Set  $3.75

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My farm animals have been busy. Look at all the cute babies!

This set is perfect for...you guessed it, baby items!

Check out the cross stitch set of baby animals and don't forget to pick up the freebies.

Baby Farm Animals  $6.00

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Take home a free baby bunny...or two!

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The entire baby animals farm set is also available as a cross stitch set.

Same designs but in cross stitch! Sample the bunny cross stitch above.

Baby Farm Animals Cross Stitch only $6.00

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