Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

It looks like we will be driving 
through an old western town. 

I see the sheriff is out, so you better watch the speed limit.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of the locals along the road.

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artwork from digiweb

Retro is just NOT complete until you see a b movie at the drive-in


M O N S T E R    M A S H

This movie has it all:

The cute warm fuzzy sweater monsters, the little guy who steals your heart, the damsel in of these guys has to be the hero, but which one?

Tickets are only $5.00

Monster Mash

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Glad you stayed for the credits....

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Lots of love, peace and taking it easy along the Mother Road


60's Set  $5.00

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Free Applique 1

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Free Applique 2

Roadside attractions, motels, classic cars....everything you see along 
Route 66 is only $1.75 each

Arch Motel

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Motel sign for the 5" frame

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Route 66 Motel

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1956 Ford Sunliner

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Austin Healey Sprite

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Retro Gas Pump

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Drive In Theatre

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Meramec Caverns

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Cinema Sign

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Welcome to the 
Mother Road

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