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Check out this festival!

But if you can't make it to the Burger Fest,
make Burger Fest come to you...with this great design of 
a hamburger cart!
I'm getting hungry just looking at it!

Hamburger Stand  $1.75

3.76" x 3.57" (95.4 x 90.7 mm)


Let's be frank, (see what I did there?)

these hot dogs are the best in town!

I am so hungry, how about you?

Hot Dog Stand  $1.75

2.8" x 3.76"  (71.2 x 95.4 mm)

Bratwurst  $1.75

2.5" x 1.24"  (63.6 x 31.5 mm)

Hot Dog on a Stick $1.75

.80" x 2.5" (20.4 x 63.5mm)

Yummy Hot Dog $1.75

2.5" x 1.24" (63.6 x 31.4 mm)

Corn Dog $1.75

.88" x 2.5"  (23.3 x 63.6 mm)


Ahhhh. POPCORN! 

Why aren't there many jokes about popcorn?

Because they are corny.

Popcorn Stand $1.75

2.78" x 3.76"

(70.7 x 95.4 mm)


You don't have to stand there at the popcorn cart and eat it....take the popcorn with you wherever you go, with these delightful earrings / charms! Don't have pierced ears? 

attach these charms to a coat zipper or book bag.

If there is a popcorn lover in your life, these are definitely the gift to have ready!

Popcorn Earrings / Charms $3.00

.76" x 1.34"  (19.4 x 34.0 mm)


All this fun and amusement made me want a snack. First up....ICE CREAM!

Then, I think some popsicles for my friends.

This cute ice cream cart and coordinating earrings are 

perfect for summer fun.

Ice Cream Stand $1.75

2.48" x 3.59"

(62.9 x 91.2 mm)


Free Standing Popsicle Earrings. How COOL are these? (see what I did there?)

Each earring is 0.48" x 1.45" tall (12.2 x 36.8 mm)

Check out my tips page on how to stitch out free standing lace. It is so easy!

Set of 4 earrings $5.00

Amusement Park $5.00