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Send a Valentine to Your Secret Crush


One design, 2 different sizes, one low price!

Stitch this out on a sweatshirt or make a cute bag! Who says Valentine's Day is only for February 14th? You can use this design any day of the year!

There are 2 sizes in this zipped file.

3.75 x 3.76 inches (95.3 x 95.5 mm)


4.50 x 4.51 inches (114.3 x 114.5 mm)

Valentine Word Art  $1.75

Send your Valentine a special heart made out of lace! These designs are completely freestanding. Each heart frame has a corresponding lace design. Let your imagination go wild with color choices and what to do with them!

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 07
3.71" x 3.69" (94.2 x 93.8 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart 07

3.02" x 3.00"  (76.6 x 76.2 mm)

She might be 10 years older now, but she said she would still be my valentine.  I love the variegated red white and blue thread I used for the lace frame. You do not have to use these just for Valentine's Day.  (photo not included)

LLFSLHeart07  $2.50

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 06

3.65" x 3.65"  (92.8 x 92.6 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart 06

2.98" x 2.98"  (75.7 x 75.6 mm)

It's a great little gift for your sweetie's refrigerator too! (photo not included)

LLFSLHeart06  $2.50

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 05

3.72" x 3.17" (94.4 x 80.5 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart 05

2.99" x 2.56"  (76.0 x 65.0 mm)

The frames are great for anything you love. I love my hometown.  

My refrigerator is really filling up with all these magnets I am making. (photo not included)

LLFSLHeart05  $2.50

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 04

3.75" x 3.76"  (95.2 x 95.4 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart 04
3.02" x 3.02"  (76.8 x 76.6 mm)

Simon is my biggest lovey. (photo not included)

LLFSLHeart04  $2.50

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 03

3.76" x 3.74"  (95.4 x 95.0 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart

3.02" x 3.0"  (76.6 x 76.3)

This is maybe my favorite one so far. These are so much fun! (photo not included)

LLFSLHeart03  $2.50

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 02

3.68" x 3.68"  (93.5 x 93.4 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart 02

3.02" x 3.02"  (78.6 x 76.6 mm)

Variegated thread adds a little dimension to my valentine without having to change out the thread. Maybe I will send this to Puppy with a little cookie attached to it, since she is now hanging on my fridge next to Ripley and Loki! (see the set below) (photo not included)

LLFSLHeart02  $2.50

Free Standing Lace Heart Frame 01

3.71" x 3.13"  (94.3 x 79.6 mm)

Free Standing Lace Heart 01

3.04" x 2.57"  (77.3 x 65.4 mm)

I love the colors I chose to stitch out my samples. You do not need to stick to traditional valentine colors with these. 

I put a little magnet on the back of my heart frame and put it on my refrigerator. It is adorable!

Send your college student a little gift in the mail and attach a tootsie roll or other small candy to the lace heart.  

(photo not included)

LLFSLHeart01  $2.50


If you haven't found the perfect design, how about this set called "Perfect Match"  What a cute way to tell your valentine how you feel!

Perfect Match  $3.00

Valentine Bookmarks - Set of 6. 

3 Free Standing Lace and 3 Free Standing Applique. 

File includes PDF directions for the free standing applique. 

Each bookmark measures approximately 2 inches wide by 5 inches long.

Set of 6 Bookmarks $3.00

Love Bug - LLLB01  $1.75

Be anyone's Valentine with this cute card!

Bear with Heart $1.75

Love Bug - LLLB02  $1.50

Love Bug - LLLB03  $1.50

Valentine School Gingers  $5.00


Cupid Bear  $1.75

Love Spell Alphabet $5.00

26 Letters and a blank envelope

Love Spell  $7.50