Hyfi's House

Add a splash of embroidery to your life!

Who Else is Hungry?

Stop in at one of the two diners! 

Enjoy some pizza, or a shake or listen to some great tunes on the jukebox!

Diner $1.75

This Diner is for the 5 x 7 (130mm x 180mm) frame


Wee Folk Nifty Fifties Kids  $5.00

Neon Sundae $1.75


Diner Sign $1.75


Neon Flamingo $1.75

Neon Car $1.75

Malt Shoppe $1.75


Retro Diner Guy $1.75


Boomerang Border $1.75

Jukebox $1.75

Retro Circles $1.75

Route 66 Neon Sign  $1.75