Shhh! Baby's Asleep!

~~ Please come in quietly and see what toys and goodies we have in here. You will find singles and sets. Designs for burpies, blankets and bibs. Don't forget to go into the hallway and check out the graffiti for the nursery also. ~~

I'm over the moon about this design! You can stitch it on fabric or cardstock to make a card. 

Baby shower? Birthday? 

With this design, you've got it covered.

LLBAB44 - Baby on Moon  $1.00

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Card Design! Give it a try for only a dollar, 

making cards is so fun and easy.

LLBAB45 - Baby with Pacifier  $1.00

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This cutie is peeking out from behind her bottle. You can stitch her out on fabric OR cardstock! What a great way to welcome a little one into the world with a pretty homemade card!

Baby with Bottle - LLBAB23  $1.00

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This little cutie would make a great card for a baby shower or birthday. Stitch it out on cardstock OR fabric. Changes the colors to suit your needs. Making cards for any occasion is so much fun!

Baby with Toy Duck - LLBAB35  $1.00

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Take a look at these 2 cuties! 

You can stitch THIS design out on cards.  Stitch out on card stock to make cards, thank you notes, invitations,'re the embroiderer, I just know you will find something creative to do with this design!

Not up to making cards? This design will stitch just as well on fabric.

Twins  (LLBAB03)  $1.00

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Grab this one up before the 

stork drops the baby!

Stork and Baby (LLBAB08)  $1.00

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Baby's awake and playing with Teddy!

Good thing you got that bottle for 

her before the crying started. 

We don't want to wake the rest of the babies.

Baby and Bear  (LLBAB09)  $1.00

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The above designs were digitized for both cardstock and fabric.

artwork by bugaboo digistamps


Well she woke up, had her bottle and played with Teddy. Now she is ready for a stroll outside.

I just bought this fun new stroller. Why don't you take her out for a bit? She loves going outside.

This design was digitized for both cardstock and fabric. Have fun with it!

artwork by bugaboo digistamps

Baby in Pea Pod  (LLBAB14)  $1.00

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Cross Stitch Duck (LLCFX01)  $2.00

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Cross Stitch Cow (LLCFX03)  $2.00

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Cross Stitch Pig (LLCFX02)  $2.00
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Cross Stitch Horse  (LLCFX04)  $2.00

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Cross Stitch Farm Animals Artwork from


Baby Blackwork Pirates

Send your little one off on a great adventure as he drifts into sleep under the 
pirate quilt you can make with this set.
Baby Blackwork Pirates $2.00
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artwork by


Baby Stuff

What a fun new set of baby things.

There is enough here to keep baby entertained for hours! Stuffed animals, baby bottles, 

a cute set of booties; this set is sure to to fill every need, from baby blankets, bibs, 

onsies, burpies and more!

Stitch out the rattle, add a piece of felt to it and stuff it. 

Put some jingle bells in the stuffing and you have a cute toy for the baby to play with! Just make sure everything is secure to keep your little one from choking on small parts.

Baby Stuff $6.00

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artwork by


Free Baby Bottle

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Plush Dragon #1 $1.50

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Plush Dragon #2  $1.50

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artwork from

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