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Add a splash of embroidery to your life!

Time for a Play Date!

This cute chibi is designed to be stitched out on cardstock, so you can make a card for that little chibi in your life!

DIY Chibi Card  $1.75


Stitch this design on fabric or cardstock. 

Make a card!

Thank you cards, invitations, birthday cards....you name it. You are only limited by your imagination.

What are you waiting for?

Cute Fairy - LLBAB42 - $1.75

Linework Girls  $2.50

Nina drew these when she was about 7. They have no mouths, yet they are on the phone. That's how us girls roll, I guess!

Cute Girls on Cell Phones  $3.00

These designs measure 2 inches tall. Nina drew these when she was about 7 years old.

Silly Farm Animals $1.75

Princesses and Fairies  $2.50


Princess Graffiti Set


LLP12  $1.75 

LLP03  $1.75

LLP11  $1.75

LLP14  $1.75

LLP13  $1.75

LLP09  $1.75

LLP10  $1.75

Mermaids, Buried Treasure, an Undersea Castle....
This set has it all to complete any underwater adventure for the little mermaid in your life. 
Each design fills a 4 x 4 area...You will receive both the filled and applique designs in this fabulous set!

Dolly Mermaid Set $7.50

*This set contains the filled designs and the applique designs.*

Freebie appliqué design

So with the little girl in your life, is it all about princesses, ponies and pink?
This Fairytale Dolly set is sure to tickle any little princess pink!
9 designs each fill a 4 x 4 area.
Take your time and use proper stabilizing, as some of these are rather stitch intensive.

Check out the Art Gallery to see the sweatshirt I made for a dear friend.
Purchase this set today for only $5.00 and watch for the sparkle in the eye of the little princess in your life.

Dolly Fairytale Set  $5.00

Ballerina Sillhouettes  $2.50

Artwork for both Fairytale and Mermaid sets are from:

Artwork for Princess Graffiti Set and Singles are from:
Artwork for Ballerina Silhouettes from