Welcome to Summer

It's summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime!

Do you celebrate summer all year round? There is plenty to do in this summertime backyard.

Summertime is the start of grilling season!
Don't you just love coming home to the smell of your neighbor cooking up something yummy on the grill? What are you going to grill tonight?
You will receive 2 sizes in this file.

DIY Cards - LLBAB56 - Grilling $2.25

Butterflies are taking flight and are visiting all the flowers. I love how pretty these butterflies came out. There are 2 different butterflies in 2 different sizes for each. That's four butterflies for a great price!

Butterflies $3.00

Anchors away my friends.....anchors away! What a fun set to decorate blankets, bibs and even napkins and placemats. Curtains in a baby's room will be adorable!

Anchors Away $3.50

The girls are here and they plan on playing all summer. They are having such a great time trying to catch butterflies, that I do not think they even care about the boys!

Redwork Country Girls $3.00

This set is adorable.

These little guys are just having a great time playing in the summer sun out in the backyard.
Such a great price too!

Redwork Country Boys $3.00

Well it is summertime, so most of the ladybugs are out in the garden doing what they need to do to help out. This batch, however, seems to be doing their own thing! Take a look.

Ladybug Whims $7.50

The coordinating alphabet for Ladybug Whims can be found in the Den

These delicate borders are each about 6 1/2 inches long.

Floral Borders #2 $3.00

Floral Borders #1 $3.00