Welcome to Winter

Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Whether you love it or hate it, the first snow of Winter is always so pretty and peaceful - If you are home. In front of your embroidery machine. Not having to shovel.

Applique Winter Snowglobes Set of 6 $5.50

DIY Cards - Bluework Winter Teddies $3.50

Are you looking for more fun cards to craft during the long winter months?
These cute teddies having fun in the snow stitch out quickly and cards are just so fun to make!

This set of 10 designs is only $3.00

DIY Cards - Bluework Winter Fence $3.50

These cards can be stitched out on fabric or cardstock. Keep them simple, or color them in, or bling them up! The choice is yours. That's the best thing about crafting!

Download this cute snowman for FREE to test out the quality of my stitchouts.

Applique Happy Penguins Set of 6 $5.50

Make a card! These designs can be stitched directly on to cardstock. Cards not your thing? That's ok! You can stitch these on fabric as well!

DIY Card - Penguin $2.25

DIY Card - Sledding Boy $2.25

DIY Card - Snowman with Bird $2.25

Sledding Snowmen #6 $2.25

When we lived in Minnesota, Nina's favorite season was winter because "there are no bugs".
We pretty much looked like these snowmen sledding down our hill!

Sledding Snowmen #6 $2.25

That nip in the air is hardly noticeable as these cheerful snowmen warm your heart and make you smile.
These snowmen average 3 inches and were digitized with the ability to stitch out on cardstock or even paper.
(of course you can also stitch them out on fabric and they will look simply fantastic too!)

DIY Cards - Outline Snowmen $3.00