Happy Halloween

trick or treat!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the tricks or the treats. There is a lot to go around for all, this spooky night!

This is a fun set of 5 adorable designs to start off your Halloween decor!

Trick or Haunt $4.50

Applique labels for your vintage dispensary. Sell your wares by adding a crafty label to your jar!

Applique Apothecary Labels $5.50

Come into my lair.....I won't hurt you!

Spider's Lair $4.50

Stitch this out on cardstock and make a fun Halloween card!

DIY Card Witch in Cauldron $2.25

This set is bright and colorful! Add a little Halloween whimsy to your next project with these fun wishing wells.

Fall Wishing Wells $5.50

This charming set stitches out quickly!

Halloween Set of 10 $5.50

EEEKKK! How cute is this?

This little candy corn guy is doing his best to find the right costume for Halloween. I personally like the bat the best.

Use glow in the dark thread, stitch them out on felt and cut into triangles to hang as a banner across your door, or finish them off with felt on the back and stuff them and put them on a wreath.

Whatever you do, I know you will love looking at these cute designs all through the Halloween season.

Candy Corn Dress Up $5.50

Fun Halloween Blocks $5.50

Mummy $2.25

Cute Witch $2.25

Candy Corn $2.25

Frankenstein $2.25

Colorline Ghosts $3.00

Dolly Halloween $8.00

I stitched mine on felt and turned it into a magnet!

Halloween Cookies $2.25

This little bear is trying her best to be spooky, but she is just too cute!

Halloween Bear Set #1 $5.50

Halloween Bear Set #2 $5.50