Diamonds Alphabet - 5.00

Freestanding Lace Alphabet ornament. Perfect for teacher gifts and gift tags

Summery Ladybug Alphabet   $3.00

All 26 letters are in caps. Each one has a flower and a cute little ladybug on it somewhere.

The only thing I need to warn of this alphabet is the flower centers may need to be stitched twice if it overlaps part of the actual letter, because it doesn't fill all the way. 

If you back up your program and stitch the flower center a second time, it looks great.

I did not delete out the portion of the letter that overlaps so you can pull the file apart if you wanted to and still have a complete letter. (Please do not pull the file apart and sell the digital file as your own. )

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Grill Friends Alphabet
This is a coordinating alphabet to a set I have not done yet....
but I love the alpha, so I put that together.
You will receive one set of A - Z with the frame around it as seen in the photo.


Only $4.50 for the entire set!

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Lady Bug Whims UPPER CASE alphabet.

This set contains all 26 uppercase letters and the lowercase letters to spell out "ladybug". 
It also includes the frame.
All for only $4.50!

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Lady Bug Whims LOWER CASE alphabet.

Lower case alphabet $3.00

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Ladybug Whims Designs by
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